Bromocriptine: An Old Drug with New Uses by Lyle McDonald

By Lyle McDonald

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These changes are being mediated primarily by changes in light levels. These changes alter melatonin levels, which appears to be controlling the brain’s sensitivity to leptin (42). Researchers can actually change the overall metabolism of the Syrian hamster by subjecting them to different light levels and durations. If you put the hamsters in a situation that mimics light levels during one part of the year, you will see the same shifts as occur under ’normal’ lighting conditions for that time of the year.

The partial solution, the chapter of this booklet, and the topic I’m finally ready to tell you about is this: bromocriptine. Addendum: Leptin injections finally work Although I made it sound like the reason leptin didn t work was entirely because of leptin resistance and receptor saturation, this isn t entirely the case (I was trying to avoid confusing people even more). An arguably bigger part of the problem is that researchers were using it incorrectly. Actually, they were using it about how you d expect.

These include an inability to initiate movement, tremor, and other severe neurological defects. The movie ’Awakenings’ with Robin Williams dealt with patients that had Parkinson’s disease. High dose bromocriptine (up to 40 mg per day) along with drugs such as Ldopa (a synthetic dopamine-like drug) and many others are used to deal with Parkinson’s, in an attempt to restore normal functioning. Because of the severe pathology involved in Parkinson’s, as well as the massive doses used, I don’t consider most of the Parkinson’s research to be really relevant for what I’m going to describe.

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