Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations by Susan Scott

By Susan Scott

The specter of unstoppable plagues, reminiscent of AIDS and Ebola, is often with us. In Europe, the main devastating plagues have been these from the Black dying pandemic within the 1300s to the good Plague of London in 1665. For the prior a hundred years it's been authorized that Yersinia pestis, the infective agent of bubonic plague, was once liable for those epidemics. This publication combines smooth innovations of epidemiology and molecular biology with computer-modeling. utilizing those techniques to the research of historic epidemics, the authors exhibit that they weren't, in reality, outbreaks of bubonic plague. Biology of Plagues bargains a totally new interdisciplinary interpretation of the plagues of Europe, and establishes them inside of a geographical, historic, and demographic framework. This attention-grabbing detective paintings may be of curiosity to readers within the social and organic sciences, and classes realized will underline the consequences of old plagues for modern day epidemiology.

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