Biology and Pathology of Nerve Growth by H. Mei Liu (Eds.)

By H. Mei Liu (Eds.)

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X 9000 . 26 1. EMBRYOLOGICA L DEVELOPMEN T cytoplas m tha t contain s increasin g quantitie s of ribosomes , endoplasmi c reticu lum , an d Golg i apparatus ; a t thi s point , th e differentiatio n betwee n neuro n an d gli a is sufficientl y established . E . Origi n o f Neurogli a Th e existenc e of a clas s of supportin g cell s separat e fro m th e neurona l populatio n ha s bee n recognize d sinc e th e tim e of Vircho w an d His , bu t it wa s no t unti l th e inventio n of th e silve r impregnatio n metho d by Golg i tha t a clea r histo logica l differentiatio n betwee n neuro n an d glia l cell s wa s achieved .

Man y interestin g observation s hav e bee n obtaine d fro m transplantin g neura l tub e fro m on e locatio n t o anothe r withi n th e sam e embryo . Som e example s of th e predetermine d migrationa l rout e for adrena l medull a wer e see n whe n piece s of neura l tub e fro m othe r part s of th e bod y gav e ris e t o adrena l medull a whe n transplante d a t th e leve l of 18-2 4 somite s (LeDouari n an d Teillet , 1974) . 38 1. EMBRYOLOGICA L DEVELOPMEN T Tissue s fro m th e forebrai n neura l tub e grafte d t o th e metencephali c regio n pro duce d norma l trigemina l an d ciliar y gangli a (LeDouari n et al.

14) . Cell s describe d a s havin g cysti c space s withi n thei r cytoplas m wer e reporte d b y Cale y an d Maxwel l (1968) ; thes e cell s wer e calle d "polycysti c cells " an d wer e con sidere d t o b e a for m of neurogli a precursor . I n m y view , th e cleftlik e cysti c space s ma y actuall y represen t extracellula r space , a s th e spiderl y processe s of th e microgli a ar e packe d int o a confine d spac e durin g a dorman t phase . Whe n ac tivated , th e microgli a sen d ou t ameboi d processe s an d migrat e int o th e neuropil .

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