Atkins' Physical chemistry by Julio de Paula Peter Atkins

By Julio de Paula Peter Atkins

With its glossy emphasis at the molecular view of actual chemistry, its wealth of latest functions, brilliant full-color presentation, and dynamic new media instruments, the completely revised re-creation is back the main glossy, superior full-length textbook on hand for the actual chemistry classroom.

Available in break up Volumes
For greatest flexibility on your actual chemistry direction, this article is now provided as a conventional textual content or in volumes.

Volume 1:  Thermodynamics and Kinetics; ISBN 1-4292-3127-0
Volume 2:  Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Statistical Thermodynamics; ISBN 1-4292-3126-2

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Fig. 2 A selection of derived units Physical quantity Derived unit* Name of derived unit Force 1 kg m s−2 newton, N Pressure 1 kg m−1 s−2 1 N m−2 pascal, Pa Energy 1 kg m2 s−2 1Nm 1 Pa m3 joule, J Power 1 kg m2 s−3 1 J s−1 watt, W * Equivalent definitions in terms of derived units are given following the definition in terms of base units. 3 Common SI prefixes z a f y Name yocto zepto Factor −24 10 10 −21 Prefix da h k M G T P Name deca hecto kilo mega giga tera Factor 10 102 103 106 109 1012 atto 10 −18 p μ Prefix femto 10 −15 n pico 10 −12 nano 10 −9 m micro milli centi −2 deci 10−1 E Z Y peta exa zeta yotta 1015 1018 1021 1024 10 −3 d 10 10 −6 c reported in terms of derived units.

Lewis structures are constructed by allowing each atom to share electrons until it has acquired an octet of eight electrons (for hydrogen, a duplet of two electrons). A shared pair of electrons is a single bond, two shared pairs constitute a double bond, and three shared pairs constitute a triple bond. Atoms of elements of Period 3 and later can accommodate more than eight electrons in their valence shell and ‘expand their octet’ to become hypervalent, that is, form more bonds than the octet rule would allow (for example, SF6), or form more bonds to a small number of atoms (for example, a Lewis structure of SO42− with one or more double bonds).

The symbols for physical properties are always italic (sloping; thus V for volume, not V), including Greek symbols (thus, μ for electric dipole moment, not μ), but available typefaces are not always so obliging. 1. 7 UNITS 1m Radio 1 dm Microwave 1 cm z 1 10 Electric field Magnetic field –1 x 10–2 y 1 mm 10–3 Far infrared 10–4 Electromagnetic radiation consists of a wave of electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to the direction of propagation (in this case the x-direction), and mutually perpendicular to each other.

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