Asceticism and Christological Controversy in Fifth-Century by Cornelia B. Horn

By Cornelia B. Horn

Cornelia Horn examines and reconstructs the anti-Chalcedonian stream in Palestine at the foundation of 1 of its most vital witnesses, the fifth-century lifetime of Peter the Iberian by way of John Rufus. She makes use of textual in addition to archaeological info to reconstruct the heritage of Peter the Iberian and his major function within the early anti-Chalcedonian Church in addition to the advance of theological principles and their reference to Palestinian asceticism.

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459. 74 The clothing materials listed comprise 4 sheepskins, a monk’s dress, 16 robes (ŒÆìßóØïí), 27 pairs of grave-clothes (ŒåØæßÆ), and a small child’s dress. 75 Exactly which text of Shenute’s corpus is referenced here as ŒÆŁÞªçóØò will be diYcult to determine. Given the context of lists of books, a possible candidate may be the catechetical homily described in Tito Orlandi, ‘A Catechesis against Apocryphal Texts by Shenoute and the Gnostic Texts of Nag Hammadi’, Harvard Theological Review 75 (1982), 85–95, and edited, accompanied by an Italian translation, in Tito Orlandi, Shenute: Contra Origenistas (Fiesole, Florence, 1985).

He co-authored a letter to Emperor Leo I in support of Chalcedon (ed. v, pp. 46–49). It has been shown that Basil did not write the two-volume work on St Thecla, vol. i being a paraphrastic version of a Life of Thecla, vol. ii a collection of miracles attributed to her (Vie et miracles de Sainte The`cle, ed. Gilbert Dagron, 2 vols. (Brussels, 1978); see also the brief discussion in Stephen J. Davis, The Cult of St. Thecla: A Tradition of Women’s Piety in Late Antiquity (Oxford and New York, 2001), 40–41), which the manuscript tradition Wrmly ascribes to him.

61 It is a matter for further investigation to establish whether or not that material suYces to reconstruct a Greek original of the Plerophoriae, or whether one needs to be content with simply pointing out the parallels between the preserved Syriac version and the Greek material. The greater part of the Greek passages seems to come from collections containing sayings of the Fathers. 62 The British Library owns two manuscripts which contain the Syriac version. The more fully preserved text is to be found in the older manuscript, BM Add.

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