Annual European Symposium on Photomorphogenesis. by Pill-Soon Song

By Pill-Soon Song

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Neither these nor previous data permit a distinction to 2 be + fr r made between (a) preservation by the cation of a pre-existing, intracellular interaction, and (b) a M g mediated induction of an artifactual, in vitro association predetermined in the cell by a genuine phytochrome-controlled process. Various formalistic models are discussed in the context of these and other data. INTRODUCTION The phenomenon of irradiation-enhanced pelletability of phytochrome is now well established for several tissues (Quail et al, 1973; M a r m e et al 1974; Schafer, 1975; Pratt and Marme, 1976) and has been reviewed by Quail (1975), M a r m e (1977) and Pratt (1977).

Complete Schafer, 1974; Pratt omission of M g from the medium gives levels of pelletability in extracts from red-irradiated tissue that 2+ are indistinguishable from those of dark controls. 2 + post-homogenization addition of M g to Moreover, M g - f r e e extracts of red-irradiated Avena as early as 3-4 min after homogenization has been found to be ineffective in permitting the effect of the prior irradiation to be measured (Pratt and Marme, 1976; L. H. Pratt, pers. ). As can be deduced from 2+ the earlier discussion here it is uncertain whether the Mg preserves a pre-existing intracellular association or induces an artifactual one, albeit predetermined in the cell by the irradiation history of the tissue.

The 142 BENTE DEUTCH and BERNHARD I. DEUTCH 0 5 10 100 1000 dark interval, seconds Figure 1. Barley leaf unfolding induced by two fast (ms) flashes of light given in sequence separated by a dark interval, the duration of which is varied. g. 0 J m . 25 J m . (The flashes were produced by electronic-xenon flash tubes). T = 23 + 1°C. (50 plant sections per point). growth medium was washed vermiculite wetted with dilute Knop-nutrient solution. 5 cm from the leaf tip, floated on distilled water, irradiated, and kept in the dark for 20 h to unfold.

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