Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume III: The Late Period by Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

By Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of various literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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Lit. " 4. " Wh. " 5. " Hm often means no more than "pe rson" or "self" (cf. J. Spiegel, ZAS , 75 (1939), 112 - 12 1). fi. " Sec also W. J. 58 TEXTS IN T HE C LASS IC A L LAN GUA G E AN C I ENT EG YPT IAN LITERATURE 7. A goddess of music. This rendering of th e line is based o n th e remarks by P. De rch ain , RdE, 2 1 (1969),24- 25. 9. " 10. , th ey were re wa rde d with j ewel s. Accord ing to Daumas , op. , th e fes tivity d escribed here was a H athor festival. I I. , th e reigning king. 12.

6 (Wiesbaden, 1974). For addi tional references to older stud ies see P M , VII , 2 17. ( I) Year 2 1, fir st month o f th e first seaso n , under the majesty of th e Kin g o f Up per and Lo wer Egy p t, Piye belooed-of-Amun, ever livin g . Co m ma nd spoke n by my majesty: " Hear wh at I d id , exceedi ng the ancestors, I th e Kin g , image of god, Livin g likeness of Atu m! Who left th e womb ma rked as ruler, Feared by th ose g reate r tha n he ! His fa ther kn ew, his mo th e r p e rceived : H e would be ruler from th e egg,' The Good God, beloved of gods , The Son of Re , who acts with his arms , P iye belooed-of -A mu n ," T efnakht's advance On e ca me to say to his maj est y: "T he Chief of the West , the count a nd grande e in Netje r ," T e fna kht , is in th e nom e of , 3 (3) in th e nome of Xo is," in H ap y," in - - - ,.

And Horus in Roau ,' Anubis, lo r d o f Sepa , And Pta h in the e aste rn Memph ite nome! I wa s one h o n o red b y hi s fath er, Praised b y hi s m other, Gracious to h is brothers , I did n o t do wh at yo u abhor upon earth. G ive m e in cense for the city o f e te rni ty, Water for th e graveyard o f th e west, For I am a m an for whom one shou ld act! ' I wa s on e prais ed in h is town , Benefi cent in hi s nome , Gracious to everyone . I wa s we ll-d isposed, popu lar: Widel y lo ve d , cheerfu l.

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