An Ethnological Map of European Turkey and Greece (1874): by Foreign and Commonwealth Office Collection

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They have been drawn up according to the~ data given in the Transactions of the Philological Society of Constantinople for 1873-4, and although perfectly reliable so far as they go, are, like all statistical information on Turkey, incomplete, being without doubt much below the actual number of existing schools. The division is by Bishoprics, and the schools are classed under what are called Hellenic or hi"gher schools, in which classics and elementary mathematics are taught; P1·imary schools come next and are mostly organized on the Lancastrian system.

SCHOOLS. "'t:l Q ·a ~- "'"s ,· ~ p.. § -Ez "' ~ i:I1 :i; SERRES: Serres and suburbs 85 other villages Megaroon Zahtehovon Tzataldja 15 1 1 4 CABSANDRIA : Cassandria Balti 1 1 1 1 STROMNITZA : Stromnitza 12 villages 1 1 12 SALONICA AND MT. ATHOS: Salonica. Liarigova Zocho Asvestochoria Epanome Langada Colyndros Karire J1000 3 790 1 70 1 56 80 PLATAMON: 30 villages Rapsani . Ampela'kia Litochorion GREVENA AND CASTORIA : In district of Grevena and 38 Castoria 100 Sisamion Siatista 237 In 62 villages 1 215 PELAGONIA: 98 Bitolia and suburbs Perlepe .

But the great and increasing demand for schoolmasters and the insufficiency of the excellent training college for teachers already existing at Serres, induced two eminent Greek bankers at Constantinople, who had already connected their names with the noble work of the intellectual regeneration of their countrymen, to found and richly endow two similar institutions, one in Philippopolis founded by George Zarifi, a native of Thr-ace, and another in the small town of Kestoration, in Northern Epirus, by Christaki Zographos, to whom his birthplace was already indebted for an Hellenic, a Primary, and a Girls' school.

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