Alcohol and violence: epidemiology, neurobiology, by Marc Galanter, Henri Begleiter

By Marc Galanter, Henri Begleiter

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In their series, 74% of victims or offenders were drinking prior to the event. This difference may be geographic or more likely the result of increased attention to reporting alcohol use since the Amir research. Again, in the majority of alcohol-present cases, both the offender and the victim had been drinking. This study shows a significant difference in the use of physical force in alcohol-present compared with alcohol-absent rapes. Rapes in which both the victim and offender had been drinking involved substantial force in 37% of the cases; this is contrasted with 18% of the cases in which no alcohol had been used.

Severely battered women may come to an ER, while others only slightly less injured nurse themselves at home. Prison offenders will have been through the highly selective processes of the courts, including plea bargaining and diversion. ” Only a small proportion of rape victims, for example, ever report their rape. These reported cases are the ones that gain public attention in some way. Often these worst cases have multiple social, economic, and personal problems and many live on the fringes of society.

Measurement of Alcohol Use and Alcohol Problems Just as there are a number of types of violent acts and ways of measuring them, there are a large number of ways of measuring alcohol use. These include blood or urine alcohol levels, self-reports of quantity and frequency of drinking, drinking problems, types of beverages, congener contents of these beverages, observer reports of drinking, speed of drinking, and alcoholism. There is, in addition, variation in the cultural climate, temporally and geographically, in which drinking occurs and the alcohol-specific norms that will affect drinking behavior.

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