Alchohol Distillation Principles Equipment Relationships and by Eric Kvaalen, Philip C. Wankat

By Eric Kvaalen, Philip C. Wankat

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The subjects in this study were given ethanol either orally or intravenously. With oral administration, the ethanol was exposed to the alcohol dehydrogenase in the subjects' stomachs. Under these conditions, the researchers observed significantly higher blood levels of alcohol in the women compared with the men. But when the ethanol was given intravenously, no significant differences were found. The differences in total blood volume between the sexes, in other words, had no detectable effects on blood alcohol levels; exposure to stomach enzymes definitely did.

This particular whisky is aged in oak barrels used previously for sherry. That means that some of the molecules originated in the grapes that went into the sherry. Some of the other molecules you notice originated in the smoke from the peat fires used to roast the barley malt prior to fermentation, and still others are derived from the barley grains themselves. All in all, the view from inside this shot glass is remarkable. But you have no time to appreciate it. Suddenly you are caught in a tidelike surge.

The process of firing generally begins with incoming signals from other neurons. These "signals" are actually tiny surges of positive or negative ions entering the dendrites through ion channels. As a result, the electrical charge inside the neuron is in constant flux, moving above and below the average maintained by the ion pumps. In a very real sense, each neuron is performing a calculation: it is adding up the signals coming into it via the dendrites. If negative ions predominate, nothing happens.

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