Advances in Geophysics, Vol. 49 by Renata Dmowska

By Renata Dmowska

A transparent exposition of the new release T waves through earthquakes, the tension accumulation version, and seismic ray tracing and wavefront monitoring in laterally heterogeneous media.

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Adapted (combined; rescaled; re-labeled) from Yang and Forsyth (2003). Walker (1991) located 54 otherwise undetected earthquakes (as well as 4 reported ones) on the Juan de Fuca and Endeavor Ridges, which they attributed to volcanic activity during episodes of sea-floor spreading. S. Navy hydrophones in 1991 resulted in much enhanced location capabilities in the Northeast Pacific, which allowed Fox et al. (1995) to closely monitor, in real time, the spatial evolution of a swarm of more than 600 earthquakes on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, starting on 26 June 1993.

These observations serve to confirm, if need be, that D can be a reliable descriptor of the source properties of an earthquake, and more generally that the T -phase waveform carries valuable information on the source properties of earthquakes, which can be extracted through the use of analytical algorithms paralleling the methodologies traditionally utilized on conventional seismic waves. , 2005), the disastrous Sumatra–Andaman earthquake of 26 December 2004 was the largest one in 40, and perhaps 44, years.

2001) further documented that relatively deep earthquakes (h = 80 km) can excite T waves through scattering by a rough ocean bottom, and also proposed that strike–slip earthquakes seem especially efficient at generating T phases, as observed by Dziak (2001), and further discussed below. , 1988). Following a different strategy, Schmidt et al. (2004) model the scattering of acoustic energy into the water column through the Virtual Source Approach, which uses the Rayleigh–Kirchhoff approximation.

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