Accretion Disks and Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics: by G. Belvedere (auth.), G. Belvedere (eds.)

By G. Belvedere (auth.), G. Belvedere (eds.)

`It is that this element that makes this e-book specific significance to excessive strength astrophysicists.'
Space technology evaluation 56, 1991

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Contours of the scaled azimuthaI field sB ((J, t) for the nonlinear spherical dynamo model investigated by Belvedere et al. (1989). (a) D ;::; 6D cr it, with periodic solutions showing complex spatiotemporal structure. (b) D ;::; 12Dcr it showing a pulsed periodic solution with an episode of quasistatic activity. 21 B = V' x (Ay) +By and u = V(z)y. Then the dynamo equations (3) take the form (6) If we assurne A = A' (t) exp (ikx), B = B' (t) exp (ikx) then the system (6) becomes (after rescaling and suppressing primes) A = 2DB -A, 13 = iA- B, (7) where the dynamo number D = o:V' /2TJ 2 k 3 • Thus there are unstable dynamo waves travelling in the x-direction for D> 1 (Parker 1955, 1979).

Geol. Soc. 146, 97. C. 1978. Astrophys. J. 226,379. R. 1988. Solar Phys. 117, 217. D. Y. 1980. Solar Phys. 68, 303. Zel'dovich, Ya. A. D. 1983. Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics. Gordon & Breach, London. W. P. K. and F. A. A ABSTRACT. There are good reasons for believing that the sun has a strong toroidal magnetic field in the stably-stratified region of convective overshoot sandwiched between the radiative zone and convective zone proper. We have modelIed the magnetic field in this region by studying the behaviour of a layer of uniform field embedded in a sub-adiabatic atmosphere.

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