Absence of Faith by Anthony Samuel Policastro

By Anthony Samuel Policastro

During this clinical secret mystery, health care provider Carson Hyll falls asleep and drives right into a river and reviews one of many worst nightmares of his lifestyles. The younger intern is knocked subconscious and has a unfavorable close to loss of life adventure so actual, so scary that he thinks he died and went to hell. while others within the highly-religious small city of Ocean Village have related unfavorable close to loss of life studies and get up with burnt pores and skin, they suspect they went to hell and that God has deserted them. concerns worsen while a neighborhood Satanic cult emerges to advertise their ideals and win over the city citizens. Will the heroine, Chantress, be capable of cease cult chief Kyle Mabus or will he achieve destroying all recognized religions on the planet? Bestselling writer and psychic Sylvia Browne writes in her publication, Prophecy, that, "...our ideals are the motive force at the back of our habit, our evaluations, our activities. with out religion, with out our ideals, we are lost."

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I'll give it to you at the cafe," Chantress said. "Let me have yours. " "Yeah, ok," Kyle said. Chantress walked behind the counter and grabbed a small pad and a pencil. Kyle recited his phone number and she wrote it down. The paper stock was neon green. 52 Absence of Faith "Great, see you," he said. "Bye. " Kyle went home and fell into a deep sleep thinking about Chantress and the tiny room in the back of the store and what would have happened if he had stayed. Then he thought about their date the following night and how they would celebrate their mutual attraction.

The Cooked Man - Chapter 7 T he next day Carson walked into the hospital lab feeling a bit sheepish as he carried a paper bag with three jars of preservatives from his newly discovered canning cellar. It was 6:30 am - a half-hour before he was on duty in the ER. "Hi, Jeffrey," he said. " "Fine. Just fine," Jeffrey answered not looking up from a microscope. "I found something interesting," Carson said pulling the jars out of the bag and placing them on the black slate counter top. " "Preservatives.

Yeah, some can't understand why we live in an unjust world, why God lets the good people die and the bad ones live. Why so much tragedy and suffering befall good people," she explained. "These are usually doctors, nurses and others in service professions. " "You sure know a lot about it. " Chantress hesitated. " Kyle asked. "No, never. I've always been interested in psychology. I got involved as a way to rebel against my parents. They are Catholics and sent me to Catholic school - the whole bit.

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