A Safer World ...? by Luc Debieuvre

By Luc Debieuvre

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Elsewhere in the region, or indeed anywhere in the world since Richard Perle’s magic words “We will not stop there; we shall continue through all means to fight against the countries who host terrorists or develop weapons of mass destruction”, a “new strategic dynamic” is taking place. Syria was warned that no longer is it a question of “I put a spell on you” but more a case of “we’ll keep an eye on you”; Big Brother is looking after everything – from the nine identified Palestinian organisations whose offices in Damascus should be shut down, to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the implementation of the roadmap.

Yet, should a country launch a pre-emptive war without the agreement of the international community, the price of which is the massacre of the population and the destruction of their resources? The images of the destruction of the Abou Hanifa Mosque in the Azzamiya sector, Baghdad (where US troops led an attack 11 April 2003), of horribly wounded children in hospitals, are not going to vanish easily. The use of strength was not only physical; it had to be global. It has gone beyond diplomatic crushing, the US being resolved to punish all who oppose them, as shown in the words of US Deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz.

43] 579 A Safer World 1 Part 1 6/12/06 9:25 AM Page 44 This page intentionally left blank 579 A Safer World 1 Part 1 6/12/06 9:25 AM Page 45 SPEAKING THE TRUTH HELPS TO BUILD MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING 20 JULY 2003 The war in Iraq was illegal. This may be nothing new to Gulf News readers, but surely it is to readers of the British press. The case that needed proving to justify war was that it presented a current and serious threat. The intelligence to make this case is now discredited – and with it the casus belli … Neither (presented) argument is a legitimate reason for invading a sovereign country and toppling its government.

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