A Fateful Choice: My Survival Story by Abraham Rozenzveig

By Abraham Rozenzveig

How can a 7 yr outdated boy continue to exist the Holocaust? How does he reach regaining desire after withstanding years of maximum starvation and chilly, with the incessant worry of loss of life ever current?

A Fateful selection is the riveting, actual tale of what occurred to Avramele whilst global struggle II erupted.

A determination is made that alterations the process his and his family’s lives, sealing their fates ceaselessly.

Hiding deep within the foul swamps and murky forests of Belarus, Avramele endures abandonment and negative loneliness. yet with outstanding braveness for the sort of younger baby, with assistance from a impressive family members and just a little of success, a powerful willed and resilient boy emerges from his darkish and painful prior.

Trekking throughout war-torn Europe, via refugee camps and an Alpine orphanage, crossing stormy seas and affliction imprisonment in Cyprus, Avramele (Abraham) reclaims his lifestyles at the shorelines of Israel.

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