11th Annual meeting of the EBMT: European Cooperative Group by Th. Büchner (auth.), W. Hinterberger, A. J. Barrett, K.

By Th. Büchner (auth.), W. Hinterberger, A. J. Barrett, K. Lechner, E. Deutsch (eds.)

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Of 65 patients with ALL, 30 were autografted in first CR, 27 in second CR and R either in a subsequent CR or in partial remission (PR). Of 77 patients with ANLL, SR werein CRJ, 17 in CR2, 2 in PR. The median time from CR to marrow collection was 3 months in patients with ALL and 4 months in ANLL. The median time from CR to ABMT was 4 months in ALL and 5 months in ANLL. The median time from marrow collection to ARMT was l month hoth in ALL and ANLL. 70 patiPnts were autografted with non treated marrow (27 ALL, 41 ANLL, 2 unclassified).

Hematol. (suppl. 17) 13:27 (1985) © International Society for Experimental Hematology Long Term Effects of Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation Performed in Children with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma of B-Cell Type C. Baumgartner I, E. A. Bleher 3 , G. Brun del Re 2 , U. Bucher 2 , H. Frei\ R. Greiner 3 , A. Hirt 4 , P. Imbach \ Annette Lüthy I, Angelika C. Stern 2 , and H. P. Wagner 1 • 4 1 2 3 4 Department of Pediatrics Central Hematology Labaratory Clinic for Radiotherapy, Inselspital, Bern Institute for Clinical and Experimental Cancer Research ofthe University, Bern, Switzerland As the number of pati ents s u r vivi ng a ft er autol ogaus bone marrow transp l antation (ABMT ) i s in creasing late effects of s uch procedures become a question o f major concern.

On the other hand, patients in CR2 engrafted with purged marrow (23 patients) had a better survival than those receiving non purged marrow (20 patients) (68% VS 18% at 547 days). Indeed, as will appear further, this advantage for purging in CR2 was essentially due to patients with ALL. * Relapse following ABMT was associated with a very 19 poor survivol : 41 patients, median survival at 90 days, ll~b surviving at 730 days. ß - ALL (65 PATic~TS) : * Aoe may be a prognostic factor with patients below 30 years having a better survival.

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